The Nesbitt Effect

Have you noticed that there is not a single photo of Jeff Miller, candidate for US Congress, with the Buncombe County GOP Chair, Chad Nesbitt?  Asheville is the largest city in the 11th district and Buncombe County is arguably its seat.  Why would the Republican candidate for US House from the 11th district be avoiding the BCGOP Chair like the plague?

Chad Nesbitt is a nice enough guy, but I speculate that Miller has been advised to avoid the man who is the brains behind these initiatives:

  • A controversial fundraiser conducted on Sept. 11th teased with this video; resulting in allegations against the BCGOP of ethical violations when it was revealed that the Fire Marshall was not informed that the Fire Department used for the fundraiser was being used for political purposes
  • An unfounded complaint lodged with the Board of Elections requesting that Rep. Heath Shuler’s office be shut down during early voting because the”Buncombe County Training Center voting site is approximately 18 feet away from the entrance of Shuler’s office.”  After an emergency meeting was called and several members of the BOE spent their entire day deliberating over this quandary, it was revealed that the measurement was wrong and the complaint had no merit. Nesbitt claimed neither to have checked the measurement himself nor to know from whom the 18 foot measurement came.
  • A “telethon,” on Charter Channel 10, during which featured speaker, Rev. Wendel Runion, made various claims, including that Jeffrey Dahmer lost his sense of accountability by being taught evolution in school.  The telethon also included satirical ad/fundraiser entitled “Send A Lei To Susan Fisher.”

His tenure as BCGOP chair began with this speech full or promises to the BCGOP membership.

  1. In it he promises a telethon to reach over 100,000 people “which will put us on the map.” Could he possibly be referring to the event that took place this past Monday on Charter Channel 10?
  2. There were no candidates or volunteers answering the phones, which Nesbitt explicitly promised in his speech. In fact, the telephone number flashing on the screen was Nesbitt’s personal cell phone number. Were there volunteers passing his cell phone around off-screen?  Why do I doubt it.
    UPDATE: According to a commenter, “The use of his cellphone was set up through US Cellular to ring to that number which was then redirected to the number of the next available volunteer.”
    No word on how many volunteers were taking calls or how many they received.
  3. “Estimated income of this telethon is $250-300 thousand dollars…” Is is possible that Nesbitt took pledges for $250-300 thousand dollars on his cell phone on Monday?  Did he reasonably expect to have a revenue stream of $300 thousand in a half an hour on one cell phone? We may never know.  There was no press release preceding the event or following it to report its success.
  4. The telethon was supposed to “show the people the seven different committees that Nesbitt [enacted] as chairman.” The only committee chair we heard from was Rev. Wendell Runion, chair of the Faith Committee (“…most important to [Nesbitt]…”), and telethon emcee Rick Jenkins, chair of the Military Committee.
  5. With the money from the telethon, Nesbitt promised to run television commercials entitled ‘Countdown to Election Day.'”  Is there any money from the telethon?  Are those commercials going to run?

Seems Chad Nesbitt is fond of holding the opposition’s feet to the fire and occasionally calling them outright liars.  Has Nesbitt kept his own promises?  Sure doesn’t look like it.

So back to the original question: “Why would the Republican candidate for US House from the 11th district seem to be avoiding the BCGOP Chair like the plague?”  Apparently he does have the plague – the political plague.

Since Nesbitt’s antics have made the local print and television media, look at what has happened to the forecast for Jeff Miller’s chances for victory in the 11th.

Nesbitt promised to have an impact on local politics; apparently this is one promise he has kept.  Yet I don’t think is quite what Nesbitt had in mind.  Too bad for Miller that avoiding a physical encounter with Nesbitt doesn’t distance him completely from the taint of the dysfunctional BCGOP.

Nesbitt fancies himself a “street fighting man.”  Everyone else on the local political scene sees him as a either a gift or a curse, depending upon which side of the partisan divide they stand.  For candidates in local races, an (R) behind their names comes with furnished with a ball and chain that looks like Chad Nesbitt and makes elections nearly impossible to win.


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5 responses to “The Nesbitt Effect

  1. Well put.

    He’s funny because he is (laughably) ineffectual. His professed brand of politics seems to be a strange hybrid between school yard bully and itinerant preacher. Thankfully he, and his lackeys, have shown themselves to be utterly incompetent.

  2. John

    Agreed. I’ve posted a few personal analyses of Buncombe races over the last few months that said the same thing as always: watch Moffit and Odom. I’ve since rated the D.A. race as likely Dem win.

    My initial thought was that Nesbitt would keep his mouth shut as he transformed from Stomper to BCGOP chair. I didn’t think he could possibly be so politically absurd as to keep trying the same tricks that brought him his 15 minutes. Races are won and lost with the discipline of the organization and politically savvy targeting. Nesbitt did nothing but make noise.

    As a result, a possible win for an R in countywide race has most likely been squandered. Say what you will about Mark Delk. Old guard neo-con or not, he wouldn’t have been this ineffective as BCGOP chair.

    I still say Whilden’s going down but she’s going to come really close for comfort due to an unorganized GOP. And that is directly related to Nesbitt’s leadership….

  3. Jeff

    The use of his cellphone was set up through US Cellular to ring to that number which was then redirected to the number of the next available volunteer.

    For whatever reason, I sense crying over spilled milk here. I know there was animosity at the convention when Chad was elected and it seems that the divisions persist. Am I mistaken? Maybe attending the planning meetings and helping with the efforts would help rather than speculating from the sidelines. I could be all wet on this one and will readily admit it if I am, but the jury is still out in my opinion.

  4. Jeff,

    I don’t know why anyone would be crying over spilled milk. What does that mean? Specifically, what spilled milk would Erika Franzi be crying over in her analysis of a series of facts?

    What was the “division at the convention when Chad was elected”? What is the division that exists? Division between what and what?

    Why should Erika Franzi, who is unaffiliated, begin attending partisan Republican campaign strategy meetings?

  5. Jeff

    Ha! Joke’s on me. I didn’t even notice what blog I was on. My wife sent me a link to the post and I went straight to reading without noting the author, so my bad. I read the post as being from someone at the convention, so I should have paid more attention to that.

    There was definitely some apprehension about Chad’s election to the Chairman’s position, but he definitely applies the energy to it. Having grown up around politics as long as he has would seem to give him some insight into how to get into the heads of the opposition.

    As to his promises, he promised a telethon, he had a telethon. I don’t know if it reached 100,000 people, but I would imagine that the demographics should go that high. Promises 3, 4, and 5 I don’t know about, but I would assume some word will come of it soon. Who knows?

    For what it’s worth, Jeff is scheduled to appear with the BCGOP representatives, including Chad, after the debate.