More News From Bizarro World

How is this possible?

The United States is actively supporting a man who was ousted from his county’s presidency by their Supreme Court and Congress for making an attempt at illegally changing their Constitution so he could remain in power beyond the current term limits.  I am referring, of course, to ex-Honduran president Manuel Zelaya.  Among Zelaya’s staunches allies is Hugo Chávez, president/dictator of Venezuela.  Read more on the story here.

By what authority do we, the United States of America, tell another country that they are not allowed to protect and defend their Constitution?

President Obama began his term in office by traveling the world making apologies for America and her historic “imperialism,” as he perceived it.  How is this behavior, dictating to a sovereign nation, not imperial?

The United States is a Constitutional Republic.  Are we not at liberty to remove from office of President a man who, once elected, attempts to illegally change our Constitution?

Just what exactly is the President trying to tell us?


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2 responses to “More News From Bizarro World

  1. Lightnup

    When you elect a Marxist, narcissist appeaser, this is what you get.

  2. nyp

    You may wish to consider the fact that every single member of the Organization of American States considers Manuel Zelaya to have been unlawfully removed from power and the current coup leaders are illegitimate. So if the Obama Administration is acting in a bizarro manner, it is in the company of every other government in this hemisphere.