Lies in the Name of Same Sex Marriage

Via Michelle Malkin:

An advertisement in last Friday’s New York Times that defended The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Proposition 8 supporters was a disingenuous olive branch from a group of “culture warriors,” an activist group fired back this week.

Truth Wins Out, a New York nonprofit group, has taken out a full-page advertisement in Thursday’s Salt Lake Tribune to combat claims of “violence and intimidation” against same-sex marriage opponents.

Last week, the Washington-based Becket Fund for Religious Liberty denounced incidents of vandalism at LDS churches and declared “No Mob Veto” in its ad. The advertisement was signed by a dozen religious leaders and activists.

“These anti-gay activists are crying wolf on the Proposition 8 protests, but they actually are a wolf in sheep’s clothing that preaches religious tolerance while practicing the most defamatory form of religious bigotry,” said Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out.

…”There is a concerted and ongoing effort by anti-gay forces to portray peaceful marchers exercising their First Amendment rights as violent troublemakers,” said Besen. “We hope to set the record straight and refuse to let No Mob Veto get away with their blatant lies.”

Truth Wins Out’s ad:


TWO is attempting to make the case that it is misleading and disingenuous to

  • support the Mormon Church’s right to oppose same sex marriage,
  • condemn the tactics being used by the same-sex marriage mob, and
  • hold the belief that the Mormon Church is something other than Christian.

What is actually misleading and disingenuous is to twist an argument over inappropriate violence toward any group (religious or otherwise) into one about religious agreement.  By this criteria, all supporters of Prop 8 must also be supporters of the Mormon Church, and all opponents of the mob-like tactics employed by the Prop 8 opponents must also be supporters of the Mormon Church.  

This is not logical.  But it is emotional, and it will appeal to their audience.


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3 responses to “Lies in the Name of Same Sex Marriage

  1. Mike Airhart

    Thank you for exemplifying the flimsiness of the false charges against pro-marriage protesters.

    First, you misrepresent TWO’s case. The Mormon Church has a right to oppose marriage; the ad simply points out that the church’s supporters are themselves anti-Mormon bigots who falsely claim to oppose religious bigotry. Many of the anti-Prop-8 protesters are Christians, Jews, and agnostics. It is ironic that the NoMobVeto crowd criticizes anti-religious bigotry when it is the Prop 8 protesters who oppose religious bigotry while the ad’s signers support anti-Mormon bigotry.

    Second, your only substantiation for the claim of mob tactics is a single incident at one protest out of 300 protests, none of which were marred by violence. In that incident an antigay woman with a history of stepping into opposing crowds walked a huge cross into an antagonistic crowd and dropped it. Nobody was hurt.

    Religious rightists are notorious for expressing vocal anger when they feel their freedoms are being taken away. The anti-Prop-8 protesters felt the same anger for the same reason.

    It is curious that you feel conservative anger is justified, but when freedom is taken away from others, you expect them to be happy and docile.

  2. @mikeairheart…

    What you seem to not want to understand is a majority of people in America are sick and tired of having homosexual perversions shoved down our throats:

    We are tired of having our children exposed to forced homosexual acceptance in public schools. We are afraid when openly homosexual sodomites are encouraged to be teachers in our schools, as they will begin polluting the minds of our children about your perversion and the lies about homosexuality not being a choice.

    We are puzzled that ‘tolerance’ is only one sided in supporting with your agenda. The majority of people who regard your sexual activity as perverse are branded as haters, homophobes and other names and you would gladly resort to violence to stop their voices.

    We a tired of the homosexual thought police telling us how to think and being deamonized for speaking anything different. We are sick from the deadly communicable diseases that are being spread into the normal population by homosexual behavior. We grow ill when we see homosexual bath houses brew horriable diseases and then have legal protection to be a open sore spreading their deadly cocktails into our cities.

    We are angry that the group NAMBLA or North American Man Boy Love Association is openly gay and working feverishly to recruit young children into your sick and perverted lifestyle.

    So keep on pushing, there will be a backlash against your perverted chosen lifestyle. The majority of Americans that oppose your sexual choices is growing weary of the forced acceptance of your perversions.

  3. I was at the downtown branch of the Denver Public Library a few years ago and had to use the restroom. There was a men’s room on each floor with one stall in each. Each stall had four shoes in them. I had to leave the library and go across the street to use the restroom.
    Originally the matter of gay rights was couched around what transpires in a bedroom between consenting adults; now it’s gay marriage. I think what gay rights will ultimately become is the right to be obnoxious and in your face 24/7.